Thursday, November 21, 2013

Running on Water and Other Secrets of Animal Locomotion

An Illustrated Presentation by

Dr. Tonia Hsieh, Temple University

Lecture at 6:00 PM

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Cope, E. D. (1875). On the Batrachia and Reptilia of Costa Rica.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 8(2), 93–154.

Collection of the Wagner Free Institute of Science Library.

Can you walk on water, climb up glass, or drop a leg and keep running? The animal kingdom is filled with an enormous diversity of creatures that perform these amazing feats on a daily basis. When building robots, engineers are challenged to design a system that comes close to matching the engineering prowess of Mother Nature. Tonia Hsieh will draw upon findings from her lab and from the field of biomechanics to show how the fusion of robotic design and biology can help us learn more about the secrets of animal locomotion as well as how to build a better robot.


Dr. Tonia Hsieh is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Temple University where she teaches about comparative biomechanics, biomimetics, and bioinspiration. Her research, which has taken her around the world, aims to discover how animals move through the extremely complex natural environment without tripping or falling down. She is dedicated to increasing science literacy and accessibility for kids and the general public, especially in the Philadelphia region.













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