Colleges and Universities

Group Visits

The Institute is pleased to welcome groups from colleges and universities. The museum's extensive collection of natural history specimens offers a wide range of opportunities for a variety of fields of study, including the history of science, evolution, geology, art and museum studies.

The Institute is open for individuals and visiting groups Tuesday-Friday, 9AM-4PM. Reservations are required for groups of six or more. It is best to call at least four weeks in advance to schedule a visit.

Options for Your Visit

Self-Guided Exploration: Your visit will begin with a brief (5 minute) overview of the museum, including information about its founder, William Wagner, and the history of the collection. Students will then have time to freely explore the museum gallery. Self-guided visits are free, although donations are encouraged. The recommended donation for a college group visit is $75. This amount is a suggestion -- any contribution your group can offer will make a difference.

History of the Wagner: Your visit will begin with an in-depth (30 minute) presentation in the lecture hall, including a slide show. Students will then have time to freely explore the museum gallery. This program costs $150 per group.

Please read our Policies page before scheduling a visit.

If neither of these options seems to meet your needs, please call or email to discuss other possibilities for your visit.

To schedule a visit for your group, please contact the museum educator at 215-763-6529 x17 or


























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