All outreach programs are geared towards children in kindergarten through 6th grade and include an interactive lesson, real natural history specimens to examine and touch, one or more hands-on activities, and a craft to take home.

Program organizers may choose from these topics:

Birds:   From nests and beaks to feathers and feet, this lesson explores the features and behaviors that make birds so unique.

Dinosaurs & Fossils:  Nearly everything we know about dinosaurs we know from studying their fossils. Learn how fossils form and how they reveal clues about the past. Examine and touch genuine ancient plant and animal fossils.

Insects:  There are more insects on the planet than all other animals combined. Learn what they all have in common and why they have been so successful. Many people don't like insects, but the world as we know it would not be possible without them.

Ocean Life:   The oceans are home to some of the earth’s most unusual living creatures. Learn about a variety of underwater creatures, and how scientists sort these intriguing organisms based on their similarities and differences.

Scheduling a program:

Wagner-to-Go is able to visit your site Monday through Thursday. Visits may be scheduled for any time on Monday, and after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

It is best to call at least four weeks in advance to schedule a program.

Maximum Group Size:   30 children

Length of Visit:  One hour

Chaperones:  Please have adults present to help supervise the children at the program. Please have one adult for every 5 children under the age of eight and one adult for every 10 children eight years of age and older.

Cost:  A one-hour Wagner-to-Go program costs $250. Payment must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled program date.

Visiting Area: Wagner-to-Go will visit sites within a 20 mile radius of the Wagner Free institute of Science, which is located at 1700 W. Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19121.

To schedule a field trip, please contact the Children's Education department at 215-763-6529 x17 or email: reservations@wagnerfreeinstitute.org.


















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